Industrial Automation

Our industry Automation Team are among the best in the market. We create General Production lines Automation using the latest technologies.

General Production Lines Automation

Our Production Lines Automation Services will provide your industry or company many features, here are some of them.

Design Of The New Control System

Design of the new control system (PLC, SCADA, motors drives, heating
system and motors

Programming of the automatic control system

Creating the programs for the PLC, Drives and HMI according to the machine functions

User Friendly Operator Console

includes all process data and setpoints in a well-organized way, data show of all process data and alarms history are included.

Electrical panel building based on the IEC60204-1

Power Factor Multistage Panels Design, Fabrication And Start-up

SCADA system

(Production lines data acquisition system)

which will collect a certain selected process data directly from production lines and:

  • Display the operation data for each machine (meter counter, line speed, machine status….) on any terminal computer (or smartphone) which can be anywhere
  • Store the data continuously to be ready for data analysis in the future (calculation of machines productivity, availability, material consumption, maximum line speed, total produced quantity for a certain customer,……)

Extrusion lines control systems

Programming of the automatic control system including smart
heating/cooling strategy, the synchronization of all machine parts regardless of the line speed to guarantee a fixed insulation wall thickness and colour and steady pay-off and take-up operation.

Wire drawing lines control system

Programming of the control system based on a standard drawing machine functions including the synchronization between the wire drawing capstans, the final capstan and annealer voltage regardless of the linear speed to guarantee steady operation and a fixed elongation, automatic calculation of the final capstan speed at different final diameter, spoolers (or coilers) speed adjustment to keep the right tension of the wire and efficient cooling system for all lubricants

We Also Offering

New Machines Hand Over Assistance.

  1. Consultancy during installation
  2. Attend the commissioning and control the commissioning process
  3. Attend the machine acceptance and confirm it is done according to the machine specifications and limits stated in the contract

Commissioning And Start-up Of  The Whole System Including The Factory Acceptance Tests

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